Saturday, July 27, 2013

Introduction to Social Security in Mississippi

Social Security and Supplemental Security disability insurance programs (SSDI) are the largest of Federal programs that provide assistance to normal Mississippians with disabilities. 

Social Security and Supplemental Security disability programs are different in many ways but are both administered by the Social Security Administration and both exist to assist individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria may qualify for benefits under either program.

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are "insured," meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security Taxes.

Supplemental Security Income pays benefits based on financial need.

Each program involves an application process and the Social Security administration gathering medical and other information to make a decision about your insurability. The Social Security Administration has a benefits eligibility screening tool, which assesses if you are eligible for benefits.


Get the location information for the social security office in Jackson Mississippi. If you are looking for the phone number or the address of the Jackson MS social security office, then the information is below. The Social Security Administration handles several federal programs such as retirement, Medicare and disability benefits applications.

  • Mississippi Office Location100 W Capitol Street
    Jackson, Mississippi 39269
    Mississippi Social Security Office Phone Number866-331-8135
    MS Office HoursMONDAY - FRIDAY:09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
    Closed on Federal Holidays 
    (Social Security offices close at noon on Wednesdays)MS Office Address100 W CAPITOL ST MCCOY FEDERAL BLDG Read More


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Appealing your Mississippi Disability Claim

If you have a disability claim but you do not fit any of the listings on the Social Security Commission's website then ot may be necessary to prive that you have a condition or some combination of symptoms which would keep you from being able to complete the gainful employment which you were able to complete before the onset of the symptom. These symptoms can be anything from loss of the ability to focus for long periods of time to severe stomach and gastrointestinal issues which deprive the body of nutrients or take away your ability to maintain the nutrients your body needs to subsist.

While it may be difficult for an individual to make a showing to the Social Security Disability Commission there are attorneys in Mississippi who represent people like you who have been denied on the initial levels of the Social Security process.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mississippi Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI benefits).

The following websites and resources may be useful for anyone in Mississippi who is filing for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI benefits).

Social Security OnlineAtlanta Region

The official website of U.S. Department of Social Security

If you have been diagnosed as being disabled and believe you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, Mississippi has several Social Security Field Offices where you can file your claim.
Mississippi also has an Office of Disability Determination Services. At this office decisions on disability claims are made based on:
  • Medical Records
  • Medical and Psychological Evidence
  • Continuing Disability review
  • The applicant’s own Statement
Mississippi has 3 Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review. At these offices hearings on appeals are conducted.
A list of the Social Security offices, offices of Disability Determination Services and offices of Disability Adjudication and Review can be found below.

Mississippi Social Security Field Offices

946 Tommy Munro Drive
Biloxi, MS 39532
Telephone: 1-228-388-1432
1392 Johnny Johnson Drive
Brookhaven, MS 39601
Telephone: 1-601-833-3951
236 Sharkey Ave
Room 226
Clarksdale, MS 38614
Telephone: 1-866-931-7670
407 Industrial Pkwy
Cleveland, MS 38732
Telephone: 1-662-846-6664
3577 Bluecutt Rd
Columbus, MS 39705
Telephone: 1-662-328-5112
1050 S. Harper Rd
Corinth, MS 38834
Telephone: 1-662-287-9922
558 Deerfield Drive
Forest, MS 39074
Telephone: 1-601-469-1177
305 Main Street
Room 201
Greenville, MS 38701
Telephone: 1-866-602-8776
604 Yalobuhsa Street
Greenwood, MS 38930
Telephone: 1-866-331-2209
1301 Sunset Drive
Suite J
Grenada, MS 38901
Telephone: 1-866-593-8523
9394 Three Rivers Rd
Gulfport, MS 39503
Telephone: 1-228-868-2854
1911 Broadway Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Telephone: 1-866-331-2186
100 West Capitol Street
Suite 225
Jackson, MS 39269
Telephone: 1-866-331-8135
80 Veteran Memorial Drive
Kosciusko, MS 39090
Telephone: 1-662-289-4911
446 N 6th Ave
Laurel, MS 39440
Telephone: 1-866-964-4927
211 Gay Street
McComb, MS 39648
Telephone: 1-601-684-4831
4817 North Park Dr
Meridian, MS 39301
Telephone: 1-601-693-5010
6000 Highway 63
Moss Point, MS 39563
Telephone: 1-228-474-7021
110 Lower Woodville Road
Ground Floor
Natchez, MS 39120
Telephone: 1-601-442-3724
8760 Mid South Dr
Olive Branch, 38654
Telephone: 1-866-739-4771
100 Pilot St
Philadelphia, MS 39350
Telephone: 1-877-531-4681
1089C Stark Road
Starkville, MS 39759
Telephone: 1-662-323-9211
199 Saddle Creek Drive
Tupelo, MS 38801
Telephone: 1-662-842-6582
4155 Clay Street
Suite 132
Vicksburg, MS 39183
Telephone: 1-866-964-0996

Mississippi Offices of Disability Determination Services

Office of Disability & Determination Services
P.O. Box 1271
Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1271
Telephone: 800-962-2230

Mississippi Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review

Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
1901 Broadway Drive
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39402
Telephone: (866) 348-5831
Fax: (601) 264-7702
Services the following Social Security Field Offices:
Biloxi, Brookhaven, Columbia, Forest, Gulport Pascagoula, Hattiesburg, Laurel, McComb, Meridian, Philadelphia
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
McCoy Federal Building, Suite 401
100 West Capitol Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39269
Telephone: (601) 965-4650
Fax: (601) 965-5267
Services the following Social Security Field Offices:
Cleveland, Greenville, Greenwood, Jackson, Kosciusko, Vicksburg
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
1150 South Green Street,
Suite 3A
Tupelo, Mississippi 38804
Telephone: (662) 842-0011
Fax: (662) 842-0423
Services the following Social Security Field Offices:
Clarksdale, Columbus, Corinth, Grenada, Olive Branch, Starkville, Tupelo

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mississippi Social Security Statistics

Social Security: Mississippi Quick Facts

Mississippi’s aged population is expanding. In 2003, Mississippi’s population was about 2,881,000 with 12% being age 65 and older (349,000 residents).1 In 2015, the 65+ population will make up 15% of the state’s population, and in 2025, it will be 20%.2,3 Mississippi is the poorest U.S. state. The average personal income in Mississippi was $23,466 in 2003. Mississippi’s per capita income (51st) ranks lower than any other U.S. state.4 One in five Mississippi residents receives Social Security. The Social Security program not only provides monthly benefits to retired workers, but also to families when the worker retires, dies, or becomes disabled. In 2003, over 47 million Americans received Social Security benefits; of these, 537,070 live in Mississippi.5 In 2003, one in five Mississippi residents received Social Security. While 53% of beneficiaries are retirees, 47% are not: 98,230 are disabled workers; 70,730 are children; 58,280 are widows and widowers; and 25,500 are wives and husbands.

Social Security pumps almost 5 billion dollars into Mississippi’s economy. In 2003, Mississippi residents received 4.8 billion dollars from Social Security.6 The average yearly Social Security benefit for a Mississippi retiree in 2003 was $10,109—or about $842 a month.5 Nearly all Mississippi residents age 65 or older receive Social Security. Nationally, almost 16% of all people receive Social Security benefits; in Mississippi, 19% of residents do. However, older people are more likely to receive the benefit, with 91% of those over age 65 receiving it nationwide, and 92% of older Mississippians receiving it.1 Social Security lifts over half of Mississippi retirees from poverty. Nearly half (47%) of the nation’s older population would be living in poverty if they were not receiving Social Security. In Mississippi, 53% of the state’s 65+ population (120,000 people) would have incomes below the poverty line if they did not have Social Security.7 Social Security is the only source of income for over about three in ten Mississippians age 65+. Social Security makes up 50 percent or more of the income for over half of Mississippians age 65 and older. About three in ten older Mississippians rely on Social Security as their only source of income.

OASDI Beneficiaries by State and County, 2003. Social Security Administration: le1.html

Projections of the Population, By Age and Sex, of States: 1995 to 2025. United States Census Bureau: xt Projections of the Total Population of States: 1995 to 2025. United States Census Bureau: Bureau of Economic Analysis, US Dept. of Commerce:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Timeliness of SSDI Claims

SSDI claims can take time. Sometimes as much as two years to move through the initial filing and appeals process. We recommend that our clients put together emergency funds and lean on family members instead of getting short term loans or car loans. These loans can have high interest and can change your life for the worse.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doctor's Opinions in Disability Cases

Sometimes it is very difficult to prove to an Administrative Law Judge or the Social Security Administration. Providing as much information as possible about your injuries is a great start to getting your disability claim approved. Information about when you went to the doctor, the treatment you received and where you received it is all very important in the early phases of the process.

Often, an comprehensive statement by any doctors that treated you outlining your disability and any limitations you have been given and why could help your claim along the process. By the time you get to a reconsideration hearing it may be helpful to get an attorney or other representative and get all of your medical records as well to provide as much information to the judge on your case as possible.

Friday, April 15, 2011

When should you contact an attorney?

Most attorneys who work on Social Security cases first look at the cases after the reconsideration decision has been rendered (obvious exceptions for those attorneys who help clients along each stage of the process) If you have received the decision of a reconsideration you may need to contact an attorney if you are not sure what the next step should be.